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Semi-wet Material Dewatering Machine

Semi-wet material dewatering machine

The dewatering machine can widely used in high humidity groove slag material before drying, dewatering operations, and removed about 30% of the material in the water such as swamps, sludge, residues, animal manure, such as dehydration, can greatly alleviate the burden of the dryer , yield a substantial increase, a significant reduction in energy consumption are the essential before drying humid materials handling equipment, and after dehydration of the material directly into the drying equipment, a significant reduction in drying energy consumption. The aircraft can the original variety of livestock manure is separated into a liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. The liquid organic fertilizer can be used directly for the use of crop absorption, solid organic fertilizer can be shipped to Quefei regions, may also play a role in improving soil structure, can be made through the fermentation of organic fertilizer.

The machine has reasonable structure, small size, low speed, high efficiency, materials with low water content, dehydration uniform, continuous operation, high degree of automation, energy saving, easy maintenance features. The dehydration effect in the domestic leading level.

Technology parameters of Semi-wet material dewatering machine:

Model Production Capacity(t/h) Power(KW)
BST-250 2-3 7.5
BST-300 3-4 11
BST-350 4-5 15
BST-400 5-6 18.5
BST-500 6-8 22

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